Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Written Expression Screener

We have just completed giving the written expression screener in our building for students 2-5.  We are starting to score those and that can be the really difficult task.  I am including the TIP sheet I created for teachers to use while scoring.  There is a lot more involved scoring rules, but these are some highlights.
Written Expression Cheat Sheet

Total Words Written (TWW):
·        A count of the number of words written
·        Defined as any letter or group of letters separated by a space, even if the word is misspelled or is a nonsense word

Correct Spelling Sequence (CSS):
·        A count of the number of words spelled correctly
·        A word is spelled correctly if it can stand alone as a word in the English Language

Correct Writing Sequence (CWS):
·        Defined as two adjacent writing units (word and word OR word and punctuation) that are acceptable within the context of what is written
·        Contextual clarity is an issue
·        Takes into account: spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, syntax, semantics

CWS Error Tips
·        Circle words spelled incorrectly
·        Check for correct punctuation and mark with /
·        Punctuation must be present and the next letter capitalized
·        Commas must be used correctly in a series
·        Words must be grammatically correct
·        Words must be used correctly within the sentence

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