Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Universal What???

The plans I am currently working on for our building is what and when will we complete our universal screeners.  Fayette County school district will use the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) as a universal screener next year for Reading and Math.  I have been working on Writing and Behavior to add to our plan.  For writing we are going to use the Written Expression CBM (Curriculum Based Measure),and for behavior we have created a complete seperate plan.  Our schoolwide RTI plan has actually become two (academic and behavior).  So much of what has been done for RTI has been so focused on Reading and Math, which really grates on my nerves.  So here's the next question:  Do you do universal screening and if so how does your school do it.  Let me know if you would like for me to discuss the benchmarks for these areas :)

Taking it to the Streets

Song lyrics always seem to pop in my head when I am working so that may be theme for me :)  This blog is dedicated to all things Response to Intervention (RTI).  It is a work in progress, and will change based on questions and projects I am working on at the moment.  My goal is to make this a valuable resource for coaches and teachers and to assit with the implementation of RTI in their classroom.  Please feel free to ask me questions and I will answer the best I can regarding my experience with RTI.  So let's put our tray tables, buckle our seatbelts, and get this party started:)  Don't you feel my love for RTI??

I have spent the last four years working on Response to Intervention.  I feel like it has taken about 3 years for me to completly get a grasp of how to make it work.  This blog will look at how my school has went from understanding to implementing.  The big lesson I have learned is that for RTI to work properly it has to be reasonable and doable for teachers.  Is doable a word (sidebar)?  I feel that each year our school wide plan has become more doable and much more reasonable for teachers.   The question I have for you is which side does your school fall on now?  Reasonable and Doable I hope.  At this time I am working on streamling our forms for the upcoming school year. My motto this year is can it be done in the class and will the teachers throw rocks at me when we discuss it.