Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tier 1 Behavior Mangement in the classroom

Positive Classroom Management

1.     Post 3 – 6 positively stated classroom rules
·        When you have discussions with the class or individuals about behavior or motivation issues, the posted rules should be a focal point
·        When you correct behavior misbehavior, it should be based on these rules
2.    Keep your attention focused on positive behavior
·        Interact frequently with students behaving well (call on them, praise them, comment on their work)
·        You need 3 positive interactions for every 1 negative
3.    Adjust your instructional techniques
·        If you tend to lecture a lot in whole group, you may need to switch to more actively involving the students
·        IF student are off task in cooperative group activities  take a few days to model and monitor appropriate behavior
4.     Examine your schedule of activities for a typical day and revise to ensure it’s a fast pace that keeps students engaged
5.    Make transition times more efficient
·        Set a defined time for each transition
·        Practice problematic transitions until the students are able to complete efficiently
·        Make sure to use a key phrase to gain student attention: class I need your attention please
6.    Respond calmly and consistently to each instance of misbehavior
7.    Provide feedback at the end of an activity/transition/event for the first month of school.

Recommended resources:
1.    CHAMPS book:  Module 4: the first month of school

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