Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The adverse effect statement

This is an area that I have been working with teachers to make sure we have that focus in our PLEP's.  I am including some samples that we have been using.  The link listed at the bottom of the page is the new document for the state of KY for writing a new IEP with the core standards.  It does include a really nice section for PLEPS.  Feel free to check it out.  As I am working with teachers on writing IEP's we are using this document.  I am also creating these tip sheets to add to that document :)
Adverse Effect

Explains how the characteristics of the disability effect the student’s participation in the regular classroom and is written out in the PLEP for that area.

The pattern of withdrawal is becoming more evident which impacts the demonstration of the skills and concepts she has learned within her academic classes and impacts her interaction with others in academic and social settings.

Amanda's performance within content areas is adversely affected when the reading and comprehension level of text read within the general curriculum is above her current independent and functional level. Also, Amanda will have difficulty completing homework assignments when the material is above her independent reading level.

These deficits in the area of written expression will adversely affect Amanda's performance in the areas of writing to demonstrate understanding of concepts, responding to open ended / essay questions, portfolio completion, homework completion, and transference of skills to real-world situations.

Amanda's deficits in the areas of basic math and math comprehension will adversely affect her ability to complete and comprehend material within the curriculum requiring multiple steps, reasoning, and problem solving. She will also experience difficulty completing homework assignments, and using math skills for real-world situations such as banking, computing discounts and budgeting.

Mark’s motor challenges will impact his ability to access his educational environment.

Amanda's lack of social interaction skills, and inability to recognize the inappropriateness of some of her verbalizations will adversely affect her ability to self-advocate and to participate appropriately in a real-world group activity with her peers.

Her lack of social interaction skills and inability to recognize the inappropriateness of some of her verbalizations will adversely affect her ability to self advocate and to participate in a real-world activity with her peers.

Link to KDE (KY Department of Education) guidance document

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