Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Training for Aimsweb progress monitoring teachers :)

1.      Log in to

2.      All students are listed on your caseload

3.      The measure that they are being monitored for is listed:

·         MAZE: reading comprehension
·         RCBM: passage fluency
·         MCOMP: computation
·         MCAP:  Concepts and applications

4.      Click on schedule
·         This is goal start and end date
·         We will progress monitor each week on Wednesday
·         Under periodic review please add every 8 weeks

5.      Click on next score
·         Click show all weeks
·         Tab order: scheduled dates

6.      Goal: see tip sheet
·         In this tab you need to go in and type what the program is and the box below you need to type in what the program is
·         I have set the goals for each kids already.  When a student begins to make enough progress this is where you will update the goals.  You will use the Aimsweb norms.
·         What the program write up must include: who, where, why, how long, what, when, how often,

7.      Progress report

·         This is the report we will look at every 2 weeks for monitoring student growth.   You do not need to print out b/c we will project these

8.      Norms are under Reports and Aimsweb tab:  you will use these to determine the goal levels

Progress monitoring
·        You will progress monitor students every wed.  If you cannot do it on that day make sure you still enter is on Wed (student absent, field trip, assembly)
·        Click on downloads and then on progress monitor
·        Choose area to locate the probe
·        All probes start at #1 except for students who are completing both RCBM and MAZE (you will start on probe #33 for maze)
·        You will print these off and student will complete paper pencil version each week on WED,  then you will enter their scores in on Aimsweb that same day

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