Sunday, August 28, 2011

What does Co-Teaching really mean to me???

The district I work in has changed their way of thinking!!  I know shocker if you work in the school system.  We are moving from using the words collaboration to co-teaching.  For us co-teaching has a much more defined role for the special education teacher than did the collab teacher.  Read below as I have summarized what this means for us. 

Co-teaching: involves 2 or more certified teachers who share instructional responsibility and join accountability for a single group of diverse learners via partnership strategies in a general education setting
·         This is looked at to give the student the best opportunity to access the general education curriculum
·         It’s provided when there is a need for significant amounts of explicit ongoing SDI to be delivered in the general education setting and when there is an intensive level of teacher support is critical to provide the student access to the curriculum

Types of Co-Teaching that should be used
Whole group:
1.      Teaming: 2 teachers teaching content together at the same time
2.      One Teach, One Observe: (lead and support) one is leading instruction while the other collects data through observation (designated behavior is being examined)
3.      One Teach One Assist: (shadow teaching) one teacher teaches primarily all the content and the other circulates around the room providing assistance
Small Group:
1.      Station teaching: students rotate through stations
·         A student without disabilities cannot be removed by the special education teacher to a separate location on a routine basis for extended lengths of time (this creates a legal problem)
2.      Parallel Teaching: class is divided into 2 groups
3.      Alternative Teaching: one instructs large group and other works briefly with a temporary formed group on instructional skills

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