Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Managing Severely Disruptive Behavior

This is a tips sheet for teachers my psychologist and myself have been working on to share with our staff who have these "friends" in their classroom.

Managing Severely Disruptive Behavior

1.    Misbehavior designed to get attention should be ignored
·        Train students on how to ignore the attention seeking behaviors
2.    Misbehavior that the  student may not realize is unacceptable should be corrected with brief information
·        Presented to the student in a calm, quick and private  manner
3.    Minor misbehavior that cannot be ignored should be dealt with by using an in-class consequence
·        This demonstrates to the student that if they engage in inappropriate behavior there will be a consequence for their choice
4.    Arrange for out of class consequences for severe misbehavior
·        Another classroom of very mature students who can ignore the student
·        Send to timeout room
5.    Determine the length of out of class placement
·        From the time the student is calm, they may owe a certain number of minutes
6.    Determine how the student will be returned to his classroom
·        A designated time the student should meet with an adult to discuss what happened and how they can avoid future outbursts and this meeting should be written down
·        Complete behavior improvement form before returning to classroom

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